The Abortion Reversal

From puberty to menopause women are routinely offered birth control as a part of health care.   They are often made to feel odd or unnatural if they turn it down.   They are almost never told of health risks or side effects.  If a patient does ask about side effects, they are often downplayed.   Some birth control methods can be abortive and women are not informed of this risk.   Our clinics encourage abstinence before marriage and teach natural family planning to married or engaged couples. 

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Our clinics save lives and provide comfort by providing a second opinion for women who are told to have a D&C because the baby is not growing.  We are also a resource of hope and comfort to parents who have been given a diagnosis of fetal abnormality.   Our society is quick to discard the "not" perfect infant, but with support and love we can give parents an opportunity to hold and love their children who may die at or shortly after birth.   We provide support and resources for parents who have children who will be born with special challenges.  All children are made in God’s image.  

The Prenatal Diagnosis

The power of the first word a women hears when she finds out that she is pregnant can empower her with courage, but if she is at an abortion provider it can deflate the budding maternal instinct with fear and discouragement.  At these Catholic clinics, women see the baby early in the pregnancy and hear the heartbeat as early as 6 weeks after conception.  Seeing and hearing the heartbeat, learning about the abortion procedure and it's risks, finding ongoing support, taking the time to explore feelings and fears, offering encouraging words, prenatal care, and women's health exams, these are the services that help women choose life and hope over abortion and fear.   Life Choices and Aid to Women use the latest technology and 4D ultrasounds to help mothers see the preciousness of their child.   To view a 4D ultrasound click here.

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   The Abortion Decision
Birth Control

We can talk to our patients about God’s love and pray for and with them. 


Catholic Women's

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Even after a patient has taken the mifepristone pill (the first RU486 medication) our clinics will offer free help to reverse the abortion procedure.  Our progesterone treatment has a 50% success rate.  Most doctors will tell women it is too late and do not want to fight for the baby, but our clinics will.  We offer progesterone treatment to women who want to reverse their abortion.  To learn more about the Abortion Reversal Procedure and how it works clickhere

The care provided at Aid to Women Center and Life Choices Women’s Clinics can mean the difference between LIFE and death.